May 22, 2006


Last night I watched a roundtable on BBC World Channel regarding immigration in which four guests from four countries had a discussion. Ms. Nazanin was Iranian guest who tried to talk about problems of large number of Persian people in England. The point that I’d like to tell you is her weird performance!

She was obviously nervous and intolerable. She would like to interrupt other’s speech several times and her body language was awful, unpleasant and offensive in my view. She tried to prove that Hafez and Shah are more popular than A...N or Rafsan…ni! I can’t understand the relationship of this popularity with title of debate! Ms. Nazanin suggested British government to give amnesty to illegal immigrants and described them as educated people! British guest that seemed disagree interrupted her… Then!! She took both hands of him and nearly shouted: LET ME FINISH IT! LET ME FINISH IT, AND THEN ANSWER! LET ME FINISH IT…. In such a way that the host said she will kill him and laughed!

I know that people who join to discuss regarding such a title are allowed to express and support their viewpoint. However, Ms. Nazanin performance seems aggressive and nervous to me and may be to other audiences from other nationalities. It is not problem of British government that we like to leave our country!!! Why she suppose that they owe facilities, amnesty, financial and nonfinancial support?


kasi dighe nabud az iraniha ke biaran bahash mosahebe konan ke raftaresh ye kam aberumand tar bashe?? in hame adam hesabi tu england hast, hame morde budan?? man nemidunam in nazanini ke ghofti kiye, adame adiye ya khabarneghare??
its one of our most important specification in argument! we always think other persons and countries owe something to us! we are always delusional! after this many years still we think BBC was behind the revelution!
آدم نمي دونه چي بگه.. دلم مي سوزه برا خودمون .. سكه يه پول مي كننمون..
on BBC which channel? when? who? am I missing something!?:)
our fear of losing a free tribune let us act such discustimg. We already think of not to influnce others. opinion to win in any debate makes us nervous and awful-appeared.
on bbc world, last night, about 7:30 pm. u watched it alireza?
anyway this is my piont of view!
چی شد چی شد؟ جهت دیش وبلاگ عوض شده؟؟؟
من فکر میکنم البته با کمال تاسف که ما کلا ملت منطقی نیستیم واین بعد از تنبلی وخودبزرگ بینی بزرگترین ضعف ملت ماست.چند درصد از آدمهای اطرافت رفتارهای منطقی از خودشون نشون میدن ومنطقی صحبت میکنند؟تا حالا جدی به این موضوع فکر کردی؟
No I haven't, was it on hard talk?
who is this Ms. Nazanin? is she an expert? otherwise, I will ignore her:) just listen and ignore! they say many thing, we should not listen to!:-), I agree, here many Iranians think why new Iranians are coming! I think contrary! of course, I have different point of view which I can elaborate in my weblog!
when she, as a persian representative, participate in such a program, and behave .... ok. i try to ignor her!
i forgot her family, sth like abedi, i don't know. but she was persian!
وای آبروریزی پشت آبروریزی ! اخه واقعا چه به روطمون اومد که اینجوری شدیم ؟ اتفاقا پست جدید منهم در مورد همین حرکات آبروریزیه ایرانیهاست .
البته باید توجه کنیم که معمولا مهاجرین (پناهنده ها ) ی سیاسی ، اجتماعی و .. . اونقدر زجر میکشن که شاید دلیل رفتارها ی ناهنجارشون زیاد هم عجیب نباشه . خدا برای هیچمش اون روز رو نیاره که احساس کنه هیچ جایی نداره و آیندش نا معلومه . اما خوب همه اینها دلیل نمیشه که برای مصاحبه با کانال پربیننده۹ ای مثل بی بی سی یه کسی رو که نمیتونه منطقی حرف بزنه بفرستن ...
oopss! manam vaghean motasefam az shenidanesh kheili kheili narahat shodam, vaghean nemidoonam chera bazia in raftar ro daran, adam harcheghadr ke zajr keshide bashe o sakhti keshide bashe vali vaghti be onvane ye namayande az mardome ye keshvar mire tooye ye hamchin barnameii bayad kheili hesab shode amal kone, be har hal omidvaram dir ya zood befahme ke che eshtebahi karde.
khob di ge ...............................
خیلی از کشورها به عمد چشمشون را روی قضیه مهاجرای غیرقانونی میبندن که خوب دلایل مالی داره. و همیشه برخورد بااین جور موارد بحث برانگیز بوده و هست.

به هر حال باهات موافقم که بعضیا رفتارهای عجیب غریب دارن. از غیر ایرانیها هم دیدم
Unfortunately Iranians are hurted more than evry nationality.
I dont think that we can to be better than todays .with this our government , our condition and our president
Im sorry
شانس ماست دیگه! اینهمه ایرانی آدم حسابی تو انگلیس هست استاد دانشگاه و دکتر و پژوهشگر اونوقت میرن سراغ میز نازنین. البته شاید اون بیچاره هم جز کسانی بوده که از فشارهای زندگی پناهندگی و قبل از اون هم زندان و شکنجه دچار ضعف اعصاب شده. چه باید کرد نمیدونم
Vaaaaaaaallllli , boro webloge Shery Naameh ro bebin , man adaye to ro dar avordam !LOL
خبر مانا نیستانی چیه؟ نکنه این کاریکاتوریست روزنامه ایران مانا نیستانیه؟
یه سکه پول هستیم. می خواین باور کنین ! یا نکنین
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